• A parent must accompany the child into the studio and escort them from the school as well.

  • Students should arrive no more than five minutes before class. Please be punctual.

  • Bathroom breaks/water breaks during class are discouraged. Prepare your child to complete the entire class.

  • There will be no use of alcohol or recreational drugs at any Winners for Life event. Any smoking must be conducted outside and away from the studio/event.


  • Bow when entering the studio and say, “Hello, sir; hello, ma’am!”

  • Place their socks and shoes in the cubbies.

  • Bow silently when stepping on the mat.

  • Placing sparring equipment/weapons by the bag bays.

  • Line up for class against the back wall, sitting quietly until told to move.

  • Listening, paying attention, and following directions during class.

  • High ranks will be greeted when entering the school. All students must stop, face the high rank, and bow to the high rank.

  • Putting on/taking off gear quickly and efficiently.

  • If belt or uniform needs to be adjusted, turn away from the flags and instructor (ask permission first).

  • Showing respect to their fellow students.

  • Addressing instructor by Mr./Mrs./Ms. (for example; Mr. Bowen, Ms. Yeasted)

  • Using sir or ma’am when speaking with instructors.

  • When dismissed, students should collect their gear/weapons, bow when stepping off the mats, and put on their socks and shoes.

  • When exiting the studio, bow facing the inside of the school and say “Goodbye, sir; goodbye, ma’am!”


  • Strong, confident voice (not screaming).

  • Eye contact during instruction.

  • Proper facial expression

  • Confident body posture

  • Immediate reaction.

  • Encouraging/uplifting words.