Traditional Uniform

Sparring Equipment

Summer Uniform

Traditional UNIFORM

White Dobok: Jacket, pants, and current belt. Plain white t-shirt underneath.
Black Dobok: Jacket, pants, and current belt. Plain black T-shirt underneath. Leadership/Legacy students only.
Red Dobok: Jacket, pants, and current belt. Plain red T-shirt underneath. Legacy students only.

When can the black and red uniforms be worn?
Year-round, except testing and graduation days. On testing and graduation days, only the White dobok may be worn.


All sparring gear/weapons must be ATA Headquarters approved. You may purchase gear and weapons through our app. For those who wish to purchase gently used gear elsewhere, all gear and weapons must be inspected and approved by chief instructor and program director before it may be worn.

Sparring gear must be regularly cleaned (do not submerge any parts of gear or weapons in water). Disinfectant sprays and cleaning wipes work very well.


ATA or Winners for Life t-shirt, ATA Winners for Life pants, and current belt. May only wear other t-shirts on special days (to be announced by instructors), or with special permission.